Opening | Ariadne’s Gardens – Exhibition of painting and sculpture at the Galeria Romană

1, 2, 3, 4 painters and 1, 2 sculptors in Ariadne’s Gardens are looking for a way out of the labyrinth.

In 1996, Aurel VLAD and Dinu SĂVESCU invited Adriana BLENDEA, Ruxandra GRIGORESCU, Violeta DOBRA, and Mircea ROMAN to exhibit together in the small hall on the ground floor of the Home of Art, opposite the Church of Saint Nicholas Dintr-o Zi.

This gathering together delighted the participants, the painters, and the audience alike and crowned the student’s years, moments, and friendships during the years of study.

Now, at the Galeria Romană, like an arch over time, looking through the expansive windows towards the painter Gheorghe Petrașcu’s house, these friends have found themselves to exhibit together.

What connects us, apart from the fact that we were fellow students? Apart from plastic concerns and our friendship? Probably, the attempt to get out, in one way or another, from the labyrinth… and move on, each on his way.” Ruxandra GRIGORESCU, March 2023.

The exhibition will open on Tuesday, March 14, 2023, at 7:00 p.m., at the Galeria Romana, Bd. Lascăr Catargiu no. 1, sector 1, Bucharest. Entry is free.

Mrs. Doina MANDRU, an art critic, will speak at the exhibition’s opening.

The exhibition can be visited until April 14, 2023.

Visiting hours:
Monday-Friday: 10:00–18:00
Saturday: 10:00–15:00.

Partners: Catena pentru artă, Evenimentul Zilei, Senso Tv, Jurnalul Bucureştiului “Le Petit Parisien”, Intell News, Modernism, Agenția pentru carte, Ultima Oră,, Empower Artists, TVR 1, Propagarta, Uniunea Artiștilor Plastici din România.

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